Specialists In Biotechnology


PRAGMATECH SCIENCE LTD is a biotechnology company specialising in cellular components, of cyanobacterial, algal, macro-algal and marine bacterial origin, with potent biological activity or novel chemical characteristics that have application as therapeutics or diagnostics.’

Mission Statement

Science above all else, by honesty, reliability, quality & efficiency for the purposes of primary wealth generation in the service of solving problems for a better future.



Compounds of biological origin with potent bioactivity
Initially a range of Cyanotoxins (such as the hepatotoxins & neurotoxins) with 14C-radiolabelled versions available on request for use as research tools (particularly of signal transduction and its components), modus operandi, toxicology, assay development and as therapeutic agents.

Compounds & molecules with characteristics amenable to practical application
Initially a range of Phycobiliproteins with application as Molecular weight markers, Anti-inflammatories, Phycofluors, Type II photosensitizers, Dyes, Colorants and Assay components.


Analysis of customer compounds, mixtures & environmental samples for specific bioactivity or chemical characteristics.

Detection of biological activity: small molecule library screening for the purposes of toxicity assessment and/or drug discovery purposes
Screen for specific phosphatase enzyme inhibitors, acetylcholinesterase inhibition, insecticidal, antibiotic and/or anti-protozoal activity

Toxicity Assessment of Environmental Samples
Harmful Algal Bloom (H.A.B.) analysis (and related material) & water body monitoring service to assist with forward planning & minimise cost and disruption of H.A.B occurrence. Accreditation pending.

N.B.     This range of products & services is undergoing expansion and we are open to customer requests.


The use of our products, services and ‘in house’ Research & Development (R&D) capacity towards a customer designated aim. We are open to discuss mutually advantageous collaborations with academic, commercial or governmental institutions.